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Innovation & collaboration

We attach high priority to innovation and advocate important values that embrace
sustainability. This creates a robust foundation for the IMPAGs long-term, solution-orientated
collaboration with our customers and our supply partners alike.


Where does the journey take us?

Our goal is to create added value for our customers in the Life Science and Materials Science segments
and to be successful together, customer focus being a of very high importance. Our committed IMPAG staff has a strong bond with customers and partners.

On the move

Digitalisation and the human factor

Technological progress is changing our everyday lives and is making what was to date unthinkable entirely possible. Digitalisation in general is changing and speeding up work processes as well as the way in which we communicate. Nonetheless, the human factor is still crucial to our operations. We shape the future together with our employees, whose competence and dedication are essential for our business. We continue to rely on a strong team, also in the future.


Mutual support

We aspire to expand our expertise in the Life Science and Material Science segments and to motivate and encourage one another. Healthy growth is important for our independence. For us, a successful business is synonymous with acting sustainably, utilising resources optimally and thus contributing to a worthwhile future.

Zukunft verändert unseren Arbeitsalltag

Founded in 1919

IMPAG Switzerland was the first part of the IMPAG group to be established and it was founded as a purchasing company for the textile industry in 1919. It has developed into an international trading and service company for natural and chemical raw materials and active ingredients. 


Tradition & Change

Thanks to the constant optimisation of our extensive product range, our expanded presence in Europe and our technical expertise, we are now one of the most successful and well-known suppliers of raw materials in the markets we serve. 

IMPAG History

100 year anniversary in 2019: Off to a new century! 

It all began in 1919 with a trading company for the Swiss textile industry founded in Zurich. After 100 years, the small retailer has become a specialised service provider that stands out through the opening of new markets and the differentiation and further development of traded raw materials.  

IMPAG is supported by a dedicated team that contributes to its success with enthusiasm and passion. Every single employee should be able to unfold and contribute with joy, because this is the only way to transfer this enthusiasm to IMPAG's target groups. This management approach has undoubtedly contributed to the development of IMPAG's corporate culture over the years. 

Celebrating 100 years