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Body is the new face



Body is the new face

The body is no longer taboo! Supported by the body positivity movement, the body has been elevated to an honourable position and a more holistic vision of beauty unfolds. Inspired by these new consumer aspirations, brands are gradually launched in this growing market.

 A new vision of beauty continues to grow led by Millennials, who are eager for innovations and alternative products. Just as face care ranges expand to meet an ever more targeted demand, the attention given to skincare now extends to the entire body. Body care is still a niche market, but its growth is sustained by the infinite diversity of consumer aspirations and indie brands, hyper-creative niche brands.


Body positivity, celebrating women’s bodies 

To counter body shaming and advocate body diversity, the vision of beauty continues to broaden. Popularised by anonymous individuals, celebrities, social networks and other blogs, the body positivity movement demonstrates that beauty is universal and gives visibility to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

In keeping with Glossier, and the campaign for its “Body Hero” body care range honouring all women and all bodies, the brands gradually free ones of the dictates and celebrate multiple concepts of beauty.

The American giant Revlon, for its new campaign entitled “Live Boldly”, also advocates body acceptance with the plus size Ashley Graham manikin serving as the new ambassador. This queen of body positivity has defied codes throughout her career to become the 10th highest-paid manikin in the industry for 2017.


Holistic beauty, a total beauty

A more holistic approach to beauty emerges and with it the idea that appearance can not be detached from emotions and sensations, nor from relationships with others and the environment. This holistic vision of beauty tends to harmoniously join the physical, emotional and spiritual factors together to flourish and radiate while respecting oneself and respecting nature.


Athleisure beauty, a healthy mind in a healthy body

Related to fitness trends and spiritual well-being, athleisure beauty (contraction of athlete and leisure) redefines consumer expectations. 

Led by more active consumers who desire to prepare their bodies for physical and mental exertion, Mintel forecasts, in a recently published report (1), a significant rise in this trend: 

Thus, in line with the fast-paced lifestyle of these ultra-active consumers, brands innovate with body care based on promises of action and meeting the expectations of athletes: anti-redness, hydration, thermal regulation, anti-stiffness, anti-cramping… More than a marketing concept, these care products must be specifically designed, especially in formulas with oils that turn into physical and psychological performance boosters or with active ingredients known in athletics (minerals, arnica…). 

Dedicated to enthusiasts of yoga and reconciliation Zen, aromatherapy and high-tech ingredients, Yuni Beauty offers a no-rinse cleansing foam. The Estherderm Morpho Fitness Slimming Activator Serum increases energy consumption to prolong the effects while engaging in sports. Solar formulas also adapt to water, or outdoor, sports enthusiasts similar to Shiseido and Wetforce products, which provide increased sun protection in contact with water.

Upcoming products should be moisture and heat activated. Brands will collaborate with vendors to market sportswear that will send information on skin temperature and hydration rates to downloaded applications that indicate which products to use.

Finally, corners dedicated to athleisure beauty are already planned at Sephora in the United States, and Workout Beauty tabs appear on American cosmetic websites, such as Cult Beauty.


Ingestible beauty, beauty comes from the inside

At the crossroads between cosmetics and food supplements, nutricosmetics, whether they are food or drink, promise to beautify the appearance and health of the skin. Once the molecules have passed in the blood, the supplied nutrients circulate throughout the body, which is responsible for balanced and intelligent distribution. Although the sector has already existed for several years, it is only recently that it has grown at a rate of more than 4% (2) with a turnover of 2.9 billion USD. 

Biocyte, a French brand pioneering in this area thus offers a wide product range for the body: from weight loss using chicory to a chest plumped with fennel...Solar nutricosmetics have now become the most prevalent. With a composition based on vitamins A, C and E, these solar capsules will stimulate and extend tans.

In short… great opportunities ahead in this market fueled by cultural consumption in Asia and by the United States where these Beauty Supplements are very widespread and considered as a way to keep the doctor away.


And now the masks?

Inspired by the trends in face masks, brands are now introducing masks for the body. 

Whether they are masks for hand wrinkles, to revitalise and refresh the feet after exercise or even firm up the buttocks or chest, masks act more intensely on specific areas and delight consumers.

The body care market is a category that must not be underestimated and is part of a more holistic vision of beauty led by the new generation of Millennials.



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