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Selfie – Global trend driving the cosmetic industry



Selfie Cosmetics

Selfie is a global trend that has been going strong for several years now. This kind of self-portrait, usually taken with a smartphone held in an extended arm or attached to a selfie stick, allows you to capture any moment in time quickly and easily. Selfie is unarguably one of the major cultural phenomena of the 21st century. 

According to Google’s statistics, globally people take on average 93 million selfies every day. It is estimated that an average Millennial, meaning someone born within the last two decades of the 20th century, will have taken 25,700 selfies in their lifetime. According to some statistics from 2014, every week sees over 17 million selfies published throughout social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, while 10 new selfies pop up every 10 seconds on Instagram alone.

The data gathered by researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015 indicated that 57% of selfies published on Instagram came from the age group of 18-35-year-olds, which is hardly surprising given the demographic profile of social media users. The research has further shown that 30% of selfies were published by users under 18, while among Instagrammers over the age of 35 only 13% shared their self-portraits. And 59% of selfies were posted by women. There are estimates saying that women aged 16-25 spend 5 hours a week on taking selfies. 

Be selfie-ready anytime

As reported by Mintel, the increasing pressure to look beautiful while taking selfies is one of the forces driving the constant growth of value that the cosmetic industry has enjoyed over the last few years. This kind of photography focuses on areas of the face that require rigorous care and make up. Therefore, representatives of the „selfie generation” are in ceaseless pursuit of a flawless and artfully styled image that makes them selfie-ready at any moment.

Make-up for the selfie generation 

Given their great desire to share the images of themselves throughout social media and adding to it the pace of progress in technology as well as our smartphones and cameras, we see that there is a growing demand for make-up that would meet new standards. All this means a huge surge in sales of colour cosmetics. 

Many consumers opt for make-up that resembles the look that can be achieved by using special filters in photo editing apps. This way they spend less time editing their selfies before posting them on social media. 

These days make-up must look immaculate both to the naked eye and in the largest zoom a camera can deliver. Cosmetic brands are seizing this emerging demand and have thrown themselves into a race of launches and innovations with claims such as "photo-ready", „airbrush effect” or "HD” that are meant to help users achieve a better look in a smartphone camera. 

Among the most popular products we can name face contouring foundations and other cosmetics, illuminating products that play with light, delivering the soft focus effect, making skin look bright and perfect; there are lipsticks, mascaras as well as eyebrow makeup products and eyeshadows that bring out our natural beauty.

The #NoMakeUp challenge and the „anti-selfie” products

In opposition to flawless make-up we see the #nomakeup trend. In order to show the world one’s face without concealing the real person behind the „make-up mask”, we focus on comprehensive, effective and personalised care, both anti-aging and firming, giving your skin healthy glow, radiance and leaving it smooth. 

Additionally, we have seen a growing interest in „anti-selfie” products that are meant to protect our skin from the harmful effects of smartphone screens that transmit blue light, EM radiation, and cause oxidative stress, which accelerates skin aging.  

Facial masks that go beyond skincare

Ready-to-use masks are the most convenient, quickest and also most effective skincare tool that we can apply in our home SPA. We have also come to expect that our skincare routines look appealing rather than disgusting. Cosmetic brands are doing what they can to meet this expectation, allowing consumers to boast a cool and funny appearance, captured with a selfie in a designer mask and posted on social media. 

There are more and more sophisticated sheet masks launched with lace-like texture or sporting images of various animals, so we can all turn into monkeys, pandas, tigers, lions or cats while tending to the needs of our skin. In the recent years glitter masks have also stolen the hearts of many consumers. Colourful and shiny formulations are perfect for unique selfie moments. Gel-like masks with glitter or beads of various shapes – stars or hearts – give you a shimmering, cosmic look and a lot of fun. 


Selfie as a diagnostic tool 

Can a selfie help us asses the condition of our skin? Sure! Taking advantage of AI, global giants of the cosmetic industry bring to their consumers a skin diagnostic service via a selfie.    Your image is analysed for skin problems and signs of aging and then, based on the results, you receive a personalised diagnosis and your skin’s aging model. Ultimately, users get skin care tips and recommended products matching the needs of their skin. Additionally, Modiface, a L’Oréal-owned company, has recently announced that AI combined with data coming from makeup brands will enable Amazon customers try colour cosmetics before purchase, using live videos or selfies. 

For more about high-tech innovations coming from the cosmetic industry, read our previous entry: „The High-Tech Innovations of the Cosmetics Industry”.




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