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Cosmeceuticals – the connection between beauty and health



Beauty from within

This is exactly where the opportunity presents itself for Beauty VMS: immune-supporting or stress-relieving ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens have not only positive effects on health, but also a strong effect on the appearance of skin and hair.

Claims and raw materials

Manufacturers in the Beauty VMS segment can leverage the interest of consumers, and present clear claims on their packaging that certain immune-boosting ingredients not only help to fend off colds and other illnesses, but also promote health and make the skin look better. 

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) offers independent scientific advice on risks and active effects in the food industry. Among other things, the EFSA also uses scientific data and expert knowledge as a basis for approving claims of the efficacy of raw materials in food supplements. 

The table below presents a few examples of vitamins and minerals as well as their possible claims for Beauty VMS. 

IngredientsApproved EFSA Health Claim for Dietary Supplements
ZincHair, skin and nails, protection from oxidative damage
Copper Skin and hair pigmentation, protection from oxidative damage
SeleniumHair and nails, protection from oxidative damage
BiotinSkin and hair 
Vitamin B2Skin
Vitamin EProtection from oxidative damage
Vitamin ASkin
Vitamin CSkin, protection from oxidative damage

Immune-boosting at the heart of Beauty VMS

Various examples on the market illustrate how Beauty VMS brands are marketing their immune-boosting preparations, kits, and lines. 

The three-stage D-Lab Immunity Program is claimed to boost the immune system, get energy flowing, detoxify, and rebalance the microbiota. Active ingredients used include dairy ferments, a Siberian ginseng extract, milk thistle, and vitamin D3. 



The Beauty Chef Immunity Kit is aimed at strengthening the gut flora, which is pivotal for an intact immune system. The kit comprises a product for “Glow” (including linseed, chick peas, and rice), an antioxidant for repairing dull skin (including vitamin C and various fruit concentrates), and a Well Spray (including selenium and biotin) for good digestion and wellbeing. 

According to Mintel, prebiotic products are going to become more and more popular in the context of Beauty VMS. Certain brands are already moving forward in this domain, and helping to sensitise consumers about the correlation between the gut microbiota and the way the skin looks.

An example is the wellness line of “Boots Good Gut”. This collection features the food supplement Live Friendly Bacteria + Skin & Hair Supplement with 25 billion live biotic cultures, combined with zinc and selenium, all aimed at maintaining the healthy appearance of skin and hair.


Mintel sees wellness and the striving for holistic wellness as still a trend driver for 2030. Beauty VMS manufacturers can use this to their advantage and, by targetedly claiming the immune-boosting effects of Beauty VMS, can both appeal to those consumers concerned by COVID-19 and benefit from the persisting wellness trend. 



  1. Mintel study: “Beauty VMS. A bright spot in a challenged BPC space”, June, 2020. 


The pandemic has changed the buying behaviour as well as the needs and priorities of consumers. In the midst of this challenging situation for the personal care market, there is a light: Beauty VMS. 

Beauty VMS stands for Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements, which consumers take on top of their diet in order to promote their beauty from the inside. People’s idea of wellbeing these days is no longer concentrated around their external appearance, but is rather a combination of factors such as healthy gut, high energy levels, strong immune system, positive body image, and beautiful skin. 


Health and wellness as a “new” basic need

The situation with COVID-19, in which we have found ourselves since the beginning of 2020, has changed the needs and buying behaviour of beauty consumers. Many consumers are concerned, and are looking for ways in which to improve their physical health and level of wellbeing during the pandemic. Market observations show that awareness of the virus was particularly high in March 2020, recognizable from a significant rise in the sale of the immune-boosting vitamins C and D, as well as elderberry preparations. 

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