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Care for a lifetime – Teenage skin care: Of pimples and growing up



Care for Teenager

...and suddenly an effective deodorant becomes a must! 

As if the time when the body and even the psychology are radically changing were not difficult enough: many teenagers also start to be plagued by heavy sweats. An increase in sweating even without physical exertion is in fact normal during puberty. 

But how can you say normal, when sweat is streaming down your forehead and it’s like there’s a waterfall gushing out of your armpits? 

Effective deodorant products are in demand that neutralize bad body odours and prevent excessive sweating. Unpleasant BO is a result of bacteria breaking down sweat. The sweat itself makes no smell when it is first released. Only when the bacterial enzymes start their breakdown does the typical sweat smell appear.


Deodorant – diverse modes of action

Deodorants – the good ones – stop bacteria, neutralize unpleasant body odours, and reduce excessive sweat production.

There is a difference between “classic deodorants” and antiperspirants. True to its name, the primary purpose of a classic deodorant is to eliminate odours. This takes many factors into account: active germ-inhibiting ingredients prevent bacterial growth while neutralizing components chemically bind to the bad-smelling molecules, thereby inactivating them. A suitable fragrance also masks any remaining odours.

Unlike these “classic deodorants”, an antiperspirant contains sweat-inhibiting ingredients that temporarily constrict or block the sweat pores and thus targetedly throttle the secretion of sweat.

Complementary to the recommended face cleansing routine, proper skin care, and use of an effective deodorant, getting plenty of exercise and spending time in the fresh air promotes circulation and thus keeps the complexion looking fresh. 





It just HAS to be during our teenage years, when we all want to be dazzlingly beautiful and attractive, that so many of us have to contend with impure skin. For teenagers, who are more conscious of their appearance, skin impurities are a serious problem. 

For many, the teens can be a time of insecurity, shame or low self-esteem, and none of this makes it any easier to cope with changing skin. As puberty kicks in, hormones start to rage and affect skin and hair growth; sebum and sweat production increase; body odours change and become a source of objection. Hygiene awareness starts taking precedence and inspires many teenagers to rethink their skin care strategy. 

Typical skin problems for this age include greasiness, blackheads, pimples, and acne in varying degrees of severity.


Care for problematic teenage skin 

Due to the increased production of sebum as puberty begins, the most common problem is oily skin with large pores and an overly shiny and greasy appearance. Excessive oil secretion clogs the pores and promotes the formation of blackheads and pimples (1).

Accordingly, the demand for pore-shrinking and cleansing care products is strong. A teenager care line often revolves around a product that cleanses the face, removes excess sebum, and prevents cornification. The aim of teenage skin care is to restore balance to the skin without causing any irritation. 

Natural and antimicrobial active ingredients act against skin irritations, normalize the skin flora, and sooth any inflammations that have already been caused. 

Overnight – and during the day – the skin should be nurtured with a light cream or fluid. Makeup and powders should not clog the skin, or in other words they should be non-comedogenic. 

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