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Care for a lifetime – Mature skin (50+): Aging in Beauty



Care of mature skin

Pampering and multifunctional care  

Stress, environmental impact, and of course age all leave their traces on the skin. Mature consumers are looking for cosmetic products that protect the skin with an effective antioxidant system and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Care products should also increase subjective wellbeing; the older generation enjoy caring for themselves. 


Care for mature hair  

First one, then two, maybe three – and then four a day: grey hairs appear out of nowhere and make us look older. The progressive greying of hair is accompanied by further changes as well: the hair becomes brittle, slack and dry. It loses its gloss and substance, and is no longer as easy to style.  

Apart from dying, there is not much that can be done against the natural colour change of hair. However, revitalizing hair care products help to strengthen the more demanding mature hair and to restore its lost substance.  


Last but not least: anti-aging through healthy living 

Even at age 50 and over, a healthy diet and regular physical activity influence the appearance of signs of aging. The natural process of slackening skin can be delayed by a healthy lifestyle.  

A balanced and healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and as little stress as possible are the keys to beautiful skin and a good sense of wellbeing overall. 

Is age 50 when things start to go downhill? Absolutely not! The 50+ generation, now fondly referred to as “best-agers”, are adventurous and interested in all kinds of things. The “young old” are fit, flexible, and active. American scientists have even established that most people become happier over the years. 

Older people often have more self-confidence than younger people, and know what is good for them. They want to stay mentally fit and physically attractive. Nowadays, we see more and more posters with gorgeous grey-haired models beaming out at us, because mature faces have a special, radiant charisma. Beauty is no longer associated exclusively with youthfulness and the absence of wrinkles. 

This is an increasingly popular sentiment among mature people. The over-50 generation enjoy actively caring for themselves. Those who have beautiful and well-cared-for skin at a mature age feel great.


Preventing inflammation-induced skin aging

"Inflammaging" (inflammation + aging) is a term widely used in medicine. It refers to the excessive excretion of proinflammatory cytokines and associated chronic inflammations in older people. 

This condition of slight systemic and chronic inflammations differs significantly from acute inflammation. 
In cosmetics, skin inflammation and skin aging have mostly been treated as separate issues. Yet the silent inflammations that occur unnoticed in the body as we age contribute significantly to the aging process of our skin.

Mature skin can be well cared for by active ingredients that counteract these unobserved microinflammations and thus inhibit their visible effects on aging skin. 


Effective reduction of age spots 

In addition to wrinkles, skin blemishes are among the typical signs of aging. These pigmentation problems result from exposing the skin to strong sunlight over a long period of time, and in women tend to appear mainly over the age of 40.
Age spots can be a source of great discomfort because they usually appear, clearly visibly, on the parts of body that are most exposed to the sun – the face and hands, where they are hard to conceal. 

The market offers many kinds of anti-blemish whitening agents whose mode of action is often based on inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, responsible for melanin synthesis, or which inhibit melanogenesis directly. 


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