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How do tension and stress affect our skin?



skin and tension

Sometimes, tension and stress literally get under our skin. Elevated stress levels can make our skin look worse because there is a sensitive relationship between the skin and health. 

The ever-increasing demands of daily life are causing stress and inner anxiety in many people, which directly or indirectly affects the skin. Lack of sleep, irregular eating patterns, and spiralling thoughts rob us of energy, weaken our immune system, and send our skin’s natural protective mechanisms into overdrive.

The COVID-19 situation in which we currently find ourselves has brought additional stress and tension into many people’s lives. Some are constantly concerned about the virus itself while others fear for their jobs, or feel a general sense of insecurity which they can’t seem to shake off.

Keeping body and mind in harmony

Anyone who is constantly under pressure and feeling stressed should, for their peace of mind and even their beauty, make sure to get enough rest and relaxation because stress is closely linked to visible symptoms on the skin. 

It is now known that nerve endings extend all the way into the uppermost layers of the skin. Stress, busyness, troubles, and tension can trigger responses that manifest as inflammations directly beneath the skin. This can lead to skin impurities, or dry and scaly skin. Hair loss, pasty complexion, and circles around the eyes are some of the classic signs of stress. 

Anti-stress for the skin and mind

It is not surprising that many manufacturers have already recognized lucrative growth opportunities in the anti-stress, beauty and nutritional supplements sector. 

According to Mintel, for example, there has been a significant increase in Beauty VMS (Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements) with anti-stress claims since the spring of 2019. 

Many of the major brands have products and sometimes even whole lines of Beauty VMS, which consumers are taking as supplements to promote beauty from the inside and, at the same time, to reduce the stress on their skin and their mind.

Bobby Brown, for example, presents Evolution_18 as a Beauty VMS line for radiant skin, beautiful hair, and “overall glow”. Evolution_18 focuses on older consumers and is based on boosting collagen. 


Beauty Glow Capsules from Bobby Brown contain collagen as a powerful protein for reducing premature skin aging, as well as a mixture of hyaluronic acid and a grapeseed extract. 

The vitamin C they contain strengthens the immune system, protects tissue, and stimulates collagen production, while vitamin E protects and nourishes the skin as a strong antioxidant. The beauty capsules make for radiant, healthy skin. 


Stress reduction and CBD

According to Mintel, CBD-based Beauty VMS is also expected to undergo further growth, especially given the continued positive perception of the active ingredient. 

In Great Britain, 65% of adults are familiar with CBD, with more than 40% of them trusting that CBD-VMS is helpful in relieving pain, supporting relaxation, and improving sleep. Additionally, the use of CBD-based VMS is high: 24% of those who have heard of CBD use VMS that includes CBD.

Kaleidoscope is fully committed to CBD and is taking advantage of the ongoing adaptogen trend. 

“Soothe” capsules contain a locally grown, biological CBD extract (full spectrum) as well as curcumin and hyaluronic acid. 

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used nutricosmetically to support the immune system and thus avert skin irritations from the inside. 

True to their name, “Soothe” capsules from Kaleidoscope soothe stressed skin and restore balance between the body and mind.  


Anti-stress hair VMS

Beauty VMS is also continuously evolving in the hair care sector, picking up on trendy topics such as anti-stress and calming actions. 

The “clean” hair care brand Centred has complemented its topical hair care products with VMS.


“Tender Love and Hair”, a VMS from Centred with bamboo extract, organic aloe vera, biotin, and amino acids, helps reduce stress, energizes, supports the immune system, and promotes healthy hair growth.

Beauty from within – a trend with a future?

Market observation shows indisputably that major brands see Beauty VMS as a growth opportunity. The fact that dietary supplements are already well established in the health sector suggests that Beauty VMS products will increasingly find their place in consumers’ everyday lives. 

The continuing wellness and health trend may also make it more natural for consumers to incorporate Beauty VMS into their care routines, as the link between health and beauty is especially visible in the skin. Smooth skin without inflamed redness or dry, rough spots is our beauty ideal. Those who value well-cared-for, healthy and beautiful skin are usually also willing to ensure their skin receives the appropriate nutrients. 

You can read more about “Cosmeceuticals – the connection between beauty and health” here. 


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