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IMPAG is one on the LEADING EMPLOYERS Switzerland in 2021 : How did IMPAG achieve this top ranking and which factors were taken into account in the study?
LEADING EMPLOYERS uses a meta-study to examine an vast number of sources and content. All values are put in relation to each other, revealing patterns, deviations and interesting correlations. This allows a considerably higher significance than a single study and thus identifies the TOP 1% of employers.

Explanations in the short video (link to yotube, video in English) 

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IMPAG's job offer

We welcome spontaneous applications! 

Are you looking for a new, exciting and multifaceted challenge? There is  currently no suitable vacancy on our website? However, you think you fit in with our team? Then apply anyway! 

Please contact our human resources department with a CV and a short letter in German stating the area you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you personally soon.

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Apprenticeship profile IMPAG AG

KV in commerce – together unique 

IMPAG AG offers a sound, practical and varied basic training.

At IMPAG you will have contact with customers, suppliers, transport companies and various service partners in an international environment. Working at our reception and dealing with visitors is an important part of our training programme.

Simona, our new apprentice

Livio De Cicco, Commercial Apprentice, 3rd year 

Highlights of my apprenticeship
I really enjoy my apprenticeship at IMPAG AG. When I have questions about a topic, I am listened to and the employees take time for me. I feel like an integrated team member. The trade sector also appeals to me and is, in my opinion, an interesting area for an apprenticeship.

Downsides of my apprenticeship
A general disadvantage of a commercial apprenticeship is certainly that you move very little. You sit in your chair almost the whole day and don't get much exercise. That's why I think it's important to do some sports in your free time to prevent back pain, for example.

Why did you decide on this apprenticeship?
IMPAG AG already convinced me during my trial days. Everyone was very nice, open and attentive to me, which is why I felt comfortable right from the start. The taster days were exciting and varied, which gave me a good impression of the company right from the start.

Why do you think you got your apprenticeship?
I think I got my apprenticeship because of my curiosity and my self-confident appearance. I was also always friendly and attentive on the taster days and at the interview.

Which of your hobbies / characteristics also help you in your job?
My friendliness and openness help me to deal better with customers and also employees. My good ability to concentrate also helps me to complete my tasks efficiently and cleanly.

The biggest success in my apprenticeship so far
The biggest success in my apprenticeship so far is that I was able to master the internal assessment well.

Working at a PC is part of every day at the office.

Jonas Glutz, Commercial Apprentice, 2nd year

Highlights of my apprenticeship
At IMPAG AG, I enjoyed a friendly and helpful atmosphere from the very beginning. From the first day on I was accepted with open arms and was able to integrate well into the team. The apprenticeship as a commercial apprentice suits my abilities and interests. Because of the job diversity, I always have a variation in my tasks and don't always have to do the same activities.

Downsides of my apprenticeship
Since you work in front of the computer a lot, you may get tired eyes and headaches. Sports are therefore a good compensation after a working day. I for example play soccer in a club and go to the gym.

Why did you decide on this apprenticeship?
Because my father works in a commercial field, I came into contact with the profession at an early age. During the various trial apprenticeships, IMPAG AG was able to convince me right from the start with its friendly and open manner. On the trial day, I was able to get a closer look at the world of a commercial job. I liked it very much and therefore decided to choose profession.

The apprenticeship at IMPAG is varied.