Given our extensive technical know-how with our own food technologists and the high quality of our raw materials, we support you as a partner for the evaluation of innovations and product developments that satisfy the future demands of the food industry.

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New products and trends are forever appearing in the food and beverage industry. We keep you informed with our focus reports!


Veganuary: Vegan raw materials & recipes

We spent some time in the kitchen and are presenting some of our vegan raw materials in tasty recipes.


Introducing Sustainable Ingredients

High quality protein and dietary fibre from regenerative production.


Dried mushrooms – natural sources of umami

Thanks to vacuum drying, the mushrooms retain their aroma, colour and valuable nutrients.


Boosting the immune system

The first things we associate with the cold time of the year are flu and fatigue – time to change this. 


Saltwell – less sodium, all natural

Saltwell salt can reduce the loss of flavour through salt reduction and lowers the sodium content by as much as 35%.



Acerola extract for colour stability in meat

The super fruit acerola, with its naturally high vitamin C content, can be used to improve colour stability in meat.


Nexira - Innovation inspired by Nature

“Innovation inspired by nature” is the guiding principle of our supply partner Nexira. 


Improving Protein quality

Everybody is talking about proteins and their functions in the body. Consumer awareness is constantly increasing.


Vacuum dried italian cheese with authentic taste

Dried cheese without loss of flavour? Thanks to modified vacuum drying, this is possible.


Colouring foodstuff in organic quality

Organic is the trend. We have the right colouring foodstuff to go with it.


Spray dried fat powders from DP Supply

DP Supply stands for 30 years of expertise in the field of fat powders. The fat powders are spray dried and can be used in both traditional and vegan applications.


Introducing ROHA "NewFoods"

ROHA "NewFoods" is known for its wide range of high quality, naturally dehydrated ingredients and natural enhancers for the food and beverage industry.