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Certasure – safety in colouring foodstuffs and natural food colours

Food fraud, pesticides, and microbial contamination in foods are destroying consumers’ trust. The new Certasure™ label for colouring foodstuffs and natural food colours from our partner Sensient Technologies promises safety.

Food safety is an important issue for consumers, governing bodies, non-governmental organiza-tions (NGOs), and manufacturers everywhere in the world. Sensient Technologies presents proac-tive preventive measures for upholding food safety. The Certasure™ self-certification process is more important than ever. Because ingredients from plant sources are susceptible to dubious food safety breaches, a comprehensive quality programme is indispensable. Under the direction of Dr. James E. Simon and a group of leading food scientists and safety experts, Sensient Food Technolo-gies has created the Certasure™ programme – an integrated food safety programme for plant-derived colours.

In an evaluation of 500 natural pigment sources from around the world, 1 out of 4 natural raw ma-terial samples failed in the Certasure™ programme due to either microbial contamination, fraudu-lent contents, heavy metals, pesticides, or solvent residues. These are alarming statistics. Food and drink producers should be clearly aware that, ultimately, they could end up selling faulty batches on the market.

It is up to suppliers to ensure that raw materials derived from plant sources are safe and authentic. Testing for all foreign contaminants is a complex task that requires state-of-the-art analytical tech-nology. Sensient Technologies offers all this with its globally structured quality assurance depart-ment and the Certasure™ programme for food safety.

Product recalls have serious consequences and extreme repercussions on a brand’s reputation. Food producers must be able to operate with a clear conscience when formulating with plant-derived ingredients. With Certasure™, Sensient Technologies assures your customers that the raw materials used in colouring foodstuffs and natural colours are guaranteed to be authentic and safe.

For more questions on food safety, you can contact our Product & Sales Managers.

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