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Colouring with Crimson Brown

Vegan meals are enormously popular. Aside from vegetarians and vegans, who often aren’t even looking for a meat substitute, there is a growing number of flexitarians, who are reducing their meat consumption for various reasons. Flexitarians are the target group for meat alternatives. Burgers and mincemeat were predestined to be produced with meat substitutes and these products can already be produced in very satisfying quality today. 

We feast with our eyes, too – so getting the right colour is all-important. The solution named “Crim-son Brown” from Sensient Food Colors Europe uses the natural properties of the pigments from capsicum and beetroot.

While the betanin in beetroot turns brown upon heating, the capsanthin from capsicum retains its red colour. When raw, patties and other mince products coloured with “Crimson Brown” have a juicy red colour that, when fried or grilled, changes to a natural brown on the outside and a mouth-watering pink on the inside. That’s what a burger should look like.

Crimson Brown