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Corporate Responsibility

“Taking responsibility” is demanded by the majority of the Swiss population: responsibility for the environment and towards people.

Admittedly, we are currently in difficult and demanding times: in many cases, the food industry is having to work with very narrow margins and under high cost pressure from retailers. Despite all these challenges, it is still important to take ethical and environmental standards into consideration when procuring goods and services. While the Swiss Government’s Corporate Responsibility Initia-tive was brought down by the cantonal majority in a referendum, 50.7% of the Swiss population nevertheless declared that corporations ought to take responsibility. 

Some of the prevalent corporate social responsibility standards in the food industry:

Social standardsEnvironmental standards
ISO 26’000ISO 14’001
UN Global CompactUN Global Compact
Global Reporting Initiative 

Sustainability and respect are important to IMPAG, and belong to our core values CPIR*. IMPAG primarily selects supply partners from neighbouring countries in order to ensure short transport distances. Acquiring new supply partners also involves verifying that they have been audited ac-cording to social standards such as SEDEX. 

For our newest supply partner, IMPAG can even report the carbon footprint of individual raw ma-terials. The best example is citric acid anhydride (CAA): between 2003 and 2017, optimizations in production and the supply chain reduced the emission of CO2 equivalents by 47%.

*CPIR = Competence, Passion, Integrity, Respect

Sustainability and respect