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Colour solutions for plant-based meat and fish alternatives

The trend towards meat and fish alternatives has long since made its way onto consumers’ plates, and products are constantly being redeveloped accordingly. Read the focus article to find out how you can achieve the perfect look for your products with naturally colouring foodstuffs.

Developmental work has intensified greatly in the areas of meat and fish substitutes. According to a Mintel survey, 58% of German consumers want meat substitutes to be as similar to meat as possible. 

Our supply partner Sensient has developed various lines of products to ensure that meat and fish alternatives also behave in the same way as meat and fish during preparation. One is the line of “Crimson Brown” products, which are red when uncooked and turn a meaty brown when cooked. Normally, whitish poultry substitutes are difficult to produce because the protein sources typically introduce a dark colour of their own. For this application, the “Avalanche” product line is suitable for lightening the appearance without titanium dioxide.

When red colours are required, in fish alternatives for example, heat-stable colouring foodstuffs and natural colours from beetroot “Suprared” can be used.

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