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Plant Power

From Trend to Lifestyle – Veganuary 2021 may already be history, but the vegan diet trend is here to stay. 

While veganism was still a rather unconventional lifestyle a few years ago, nearly everyone these days knows at least what constitutes a vegan or vegetarian diet. 

What moves modern consumers to rethink their eating habits and to reduce their consumption of animal products? And how can you, the food producer, respond to that?

We want to make this trend tangible for you with our Plant Power concept. 

Based on market and consumer analyses, we reveal possibilities for how you can respond to the demands of modern consumers and how you can develop relevant products that fit the Plant Power trend. 

In the categories of baked goods, meat alternatives, and dairy alternatives, we present solutions by which you can overcome the challenges involved in developing vegan products. 

Are you interested in being inspired by our Plant Power concept, and would like to develop next generation foods? We will be happy to present the concept to you in person or by videoconference. 

To make an appointment, click on this email Link. Of course, you can also reach us by telephone on +41 43 499 25 00.

Trend concept Plant Power by IMPAG AG