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PromOat Instant

Test out the first fully soluble oat fibre and enrich your products with these healthy dietary fibres. PromOat Instant is rich in beta-glucan and can be advertised with EFSA/FDA approved health claims.

Our partner Lantmännen has just recently launched PromOat Instant – the first oat fibre rich in beta-glucan that is 100 % soluble, and which has been developed specifically for use in food sup-plements and drinks. PromOat Instant is obtained from Swedish GMO-free whole-grain oats with-out the use of chemicals. It is a natural source of beta-glucan (at a concentration of 34%) and has a very low content of insoluble fibre. PromOat Instant addresses important health issues such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and at the same time offers functional advantages in many food and drink applications.

Using PromOat Instant not only allows you to advertise with EFSA and FDA-approved health claims, but also ensures a smooth, creamy mouthfeel that makes shakes and other drinks both nutritious and delicious.

Together with the existing PromOat products, there are now three different PromOat variants available through us:

  • PromOat
  • PromOat gluten-free 
  • PromOat Instant

Please contact our Nutrition and Health Team us at any time for further enquiries.

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