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"Rising Orange" – The Colour of the Year 2021

Consumers are looking for "good" energy in 2021: The colour orange awakens positive feelings! It is suitable for food and beverages!

It is almost impossible to define trends for 2021, including colour trends, without looking back at the year 2020. 

Last year, the global pandemic disrupted life as we knew it. COVID-19 has taken consumers out of their comfort zone and caused them to break away from old habits and behaviour patterns and look for something new.

This newfound desire for change will also influence consumer demand they will look for foods and beverages that make them feel positive. For this reason, Sensient Technologies Color Group has chosen "Rising Orange" as the colour of the year 2021.

"Rising Orange" represents a sense of vitality, energy and positive action and symbolises optimism. It is a cheerful, enthusiastic orange full of hope to awaken consumers' energy for renewal.

"Rising Orange" in food and beverages

How can you bring the "Rising Orange" to life in your product? Ask us: Our food engineers will be happy to help you develop products with the uplifting colour "Rising Orange"

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