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Everlasting Beauty
When it comes to anti-aging, skin care needs vary from one person to another. In the centre of this flexible care concept are the three fundamental anti-aging approaches “prevent”, “maintain” and “correct”. Here you will find model recipes suitable for each of these three approaches for making individual anti-aging care products.

In the context of cosmetics, glycobiology means providing the skin with certain sugars in order to excite biological activity or stimulating functional sugars in the skin that protect and maintain the skin structure. This concept presents active ingredients that befit the glycobiology principles by refining the skin’s appearance and making it firmer and more youthful.

Body Care Trends
Our body is affected by the natural aging process. Extensive market studies show that improving the overall appearance of the skin is of central interest. The objective is smoothness, strength and softness. Befitting the key claims “long-term moisturizing”, “shaping”, “stretchmark reducing” and “anti-cellulite”, BASF presents suitable active ingredients in this concept.

High Definition Skin
The boom of HD screens and photo retouching software has brought the trend of skin perfection to the anti-aging market. In demand is beautiful and perfect skin, i.e. fine-pored, wrinkle-free, spotless, soft and radiant. This concept shows you which active ingredients you can create a perfect skin with.

Photo-aging Prevention
The results of a market study and a study of current claims on the market reveal, on the one hand, the importance of slowing down premature skin aging and, on the other hand, what consumers expect from an anti-photo-aging product. In demand is prevention by maintaining and protecting the skin’s barrier function, as well as cell and DNA protection and after-sun care. Here you will find suitable active ingredients.

How can or must DNA and gene claims be used? What is allowed? There is a clear trend towards products that claim cell and/or DNA protection. In this concept, BASF presents efficient actives that allow a claim in this segment.

In the search for perfect skin, consumers reach for care products that focus on skin functionality. This concept suggests active ingredients that correspond with consumers’ expectations as to skin functionality. The following effects are in demand: optimization of skin density, filling out of wrinkles and strengthening of skin structure.

Skin Architecture
Maintaining the skin architecture is crucial for a youthful appearance and many cosmetic products claim firming and volumizing properties. We present active ingredients that improve the skin architecture.

Skin Layers
In order to ensure the integrity, mobility and beauty of the skin, every layer of skin must be cared for and kept functional. In the focus of this concept are actives that reinforce skin’s barrier function, activate skin regeneration which reduces wrinkles and shrinks pores, and which reinforce cell cohesion between the dermis and epidermis.

Age Specific Needs
Market studies reveal a trend towards age-dependent care products, from babies to teens to over 75. Presented here are three active ingredients that are suitable for gentle child care, for oil-controlling teenager care and for firming care of mature skin.

We will gladly send you the complete concepts upon request.