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Solution-oriented, sustainable and innovative! With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply you with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and advise you on how to use them.

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Personal and Home Care

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Effect pigments


Special effect pigments for Skin Care
Refine your creams and lotions with effect pigments to create new claims and benefits. We show you how you can use effect pigments to achieve fresh, natural, gently bronzed and even skin, as well as to hide shadows and red spots. Be inspired by our large selection of model formulas.

Pimp your shower with a dash of BASF pigments
Special effect pigments create glamorous effects during and after the shower and turn an ordinary shower formulation into a sensational product. Be inspired by our wide range of effect pigments and suitable formulas!

Add more life to Make-up: A selection of effect pigments and ingredients to enhance radiance and sensory
Colour makes the skin shine. Oil components, polymers and emulsifiers are very important for the performance and the sensory aspects of a make-up formulation. Here you will find an overview of the BASF make-up raw materials.

BB/CC creams: Multifunctional Products
As all-round care, BB and CC creams are highly popular at present. BB cream combines the skin care of a day cream with the covering power of make-up. CC creams go one step further and correct the skin tone using intelligent colour pigments. Alongside a market analysis, this concept presents suitable raw materials as well as diverse formulas for BB and CC creams.

The demand for added benefits can also be seen in the segment of decorative cosmetics: Focus is no longer on colour and fashion alone, rather increasingly also on beauty-enhancing effects. BASF presents active ingredients that refine the functionality of your make-up formulation with added effects (e.g. increasing volume of lips).  

We will gladly send you the complete concepts upon request.


Effect Pigments