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Solution-oriented, sustainable and innovative! With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply you with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and advise you on how to use them.

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Formulating with Alternatives for Petrochemical Raw Materials


Formulating with alternatives for…
Market observations reveal the “free-from” trend quite clearly. We show you how to formulate without the use of silicone, mineral oil, sulfates, SLES or alkanolamines and still achieve the desired quality.

„Make Your Choice“ Formulating WET WIPES with alternatives for...
The “free-from” trend is as strong in the “wet wipes” segment as anywhere else. Presented here are products that make good alternatives to mineral oil, silicone, EO derivatives and SLES for wet wipes formulations, plus suitable model formulas.

Silicone Alternatives for Personal Care
An important trend on the cosmetic market is a “silicone-free” Claim. Be inspired by the raw materials for skin and hair care that leave a light and fine feel to the skin comparable to silicone (skin care) and possess conditioning, hair protecting, repairing and shine-enhancing properties (hair care). 

We will gladly send you the complete concepts upon request.


Formulating with Alternatives for Petrochemical Raw Materials