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Hair Styling


Styling Aerosol Hair Mousse
How is hair mousse formed, and what are the most important properties of an aerosol hair mousse? The focus of this concept is on the BASF styling polymers of type Luviquat ®, Luviset® and Luviskol®. Clear matrices and model formulations simplify the choice of the right styling polymer.

Styling Aerosol Hair Spray
In line with the EU standard composition of an aerosol spray, this concept presents styling polymers (types: Luvimer®, Ultrahold®) that go with the most commonly used propellants. You will also find model formulas for hair spray formulations according to the EU standard as well as “VOC 55” formulations for the US market.

Styling Hair Gel
Hair gels are among the No. 1 styling products for men. BASF presents the basic formulations of a hair gel as well as how to select the correct combination of styling polymers (Luviskol® and Luviset® types) and thickeners (Luvigel® Fit, Rheocare®,…).

Vibracolor® Hair Dyes: Vibrant Chromophores with Delocalized Cationic Charge and their Application
Are you looking for brilliant colours for a permanent or temporary hair dye? The BASF Vibracolor® basis colours even allow you to develop simple hair dying applications that make use of a shampoo for example.

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Hair styling