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My Lifestyle COSMETICS


BASF Formulation Concepts

While we are all part of society, every one of us is unique. We have different needs, wishes, priorities and lifestyles, and we are all striving to be individual. This very striving for individuality is the constant drive behind new ideas and trends in cosmetics.

Our choice of cosmetic products namely reflects our personality, our life and our lifestyle.

We are proud to present “My Lifestyle Cosmetics”, the formulation concept of our partner BASF. BASF has classified consumers into four different groups according to their lifestyles and has put together formulations befitting each of these lifestyles for you.

In the BASF formulation concept “Natural You”, for instance, you will find a cosmos of organically compliant formulas for a facial fluid suitable for eco-ethical consumers. Or a “Rosé Champagne” shower gel to appeal to the “trendsetters” consumer group.Be inspired by the new BASF formulation concept “My Lifestyle Cosmetics” when developing your new care products. We will gladly send you the concept on request.