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Sun Protection and Sun Care


Sun Care Trends
Results of a comprehensive market analysis reveal the trend towards light, sprayable sun protection products and gel-like cream textures with cooling effects that demand easy formulation work. Also in demand are formulations containing no OCR, EHMC or silicone. Find your optimum formulation here, for example clear, sprayable and cooling sunblock sprays or after sun gels with bronzing effects.

Sun Care Portfolio
This overview presents the BASF UV filters and gives you information on their extinction spectrum and current regulatory status.

New Age Sun Protection
From observations of sun care products, it is clear that the trend is going a step beyond effective UVA and UVB protection: In demand are added benefits such as regenerating or moisturizing properties, plus complementary protective functions such as DNA protection. Working from our analysis, we have put together a presentation of “New Age Sun Protection” for you, to inspire you when developing modern sun protection concepts.

UV-Protection in Daily Care
The demand for UV protection in daily care products is constantly rising. BASF presents possible filter combinations for optimum UV protection as well as protection against free radicals.

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Sun protection and Sun Care