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Solution-oriented, sustainable and innovative! With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply you with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and advise you on how to use them.

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Trend Concepts


The Future of Beauty: Trends 2015
According to the four cosmetics trends expected for 2015, BASF presents here suitable colour pigments, products and model formulas for various applications such as CC creams, mascara, after sun gel, night cream, hair serum, hair gel, etc.

My Lifestyle Cosmetics
In this formulation concept, BASF has classified consumers into four different groups according to their lifestyles and has put together formulations befitting each of these lifestyles for you.

How to formulate modern W/O formulations Skin Care
Discover how you can develop modern W/O formulations with high performance emulsifiers.
After a brief trend analysis of the W/O market, this concept deals with the most important principles when formulating W/O emulsions, the influence of oil components and the stability of W/O formulations depending on the emulsifier used. High performance emulsifiers Dehymuls® PGPH, Dehymuls® LE, Dehymuls® HRE 7, Lameform® TGI are presented, including model formulas, to round off the concept.

Body Care Trends
Our body is affected by the natural aging process. Extensive market studies show that improving the overall appearance of the skin is of central interest. The object is smoothness, strength and softness. Befitting the key claims “long-term moisturizing”, “shaping”, “stretchmark reducing” and “anti-cellulite”, BASF presents suitable active ingredients in this concept.

Successful implementation of trends - Synergy of Actives and Functionals
While performing a market analysis and making a detailed observation of products on the market, our team has noticed that the current trends are built on the synergy of three product groups: active ingredients, functional raw materials and effect pigments. Our IMPAG Personal Care Team manages these three product groups and synergy is one of our team’s main strengths, meaning we can offer you holistic solutions. This concept presents our trend analysis and reveals the critical factors for employing it successfully. It also offers you practical solution suggestions.

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Trend concepts