GLYCOS™ CLEAR – Natural glycolic acid – Free of methoxyacetic acid

Glycolic acid is the most well-known of all natural α-hydroxy acids (AHA) and has proven itself to be the most important AHA for use in cosmetics.


EVERSOFT ACS-30S – an innovative, 100% natural surfactant based on alaninate

The rising trend towards natural and preferably “green” care products is complicating the otherwise simple formulation of foaming products, especially when it comes to…



Soothing for sensitive skin


COBIOAGE – responsible anti-aging care

The plant extract COBIOAGE is produced according to the guidelines of the “Ethiplayer” concept for ethical cosmetics.


COBIOBRIGHT – for a beautiful, radiant complexion

COBIOBRIGHT is rich in polyphenolic components and thus, given its strong antioxidative activity, protects the skin against premature aging due to oxidative stress and against…


Pair2Phase – liquid crystalline structures for waterproof sun protection

Anionic surfactants are only rarely used as emulsifiers, due to their high HLB values. Pair2Phase with their HLB of 10.5 are surface-active, anionic emulsifiers that form…


Well-shaped into the summer

Firming and body-defining care products are in great demand, especially when it comes to spring and summer, because the longing for a slim and shapely body silhouette exists…


COBIOGUM – Natural gelling agent

The natural gelling agent COBIOGUM is obtained from the seeds of Caesalpina spinosa, also known as Tara, and has wonderful rheological properties. 


COBIOPURE – Moringa extract for holistic care

The Moringa extract COBIOPURE exhibits strong antioxidative and protective activity, reduces UV-induced inflammations, protecting skin and hair from light damage. 


Sensityl™ – Good mood for sensitive skin

The microbiome of the skin has a strong influence on the skin’s sensitivity and a loss of microbial diversity resulting from skin diseases is often accompanied by a…


Sapogel® Q – Palm-oil-free oil thickener

The new Sapogel® Q is a liquid mixture of saponins from the soap bark tree (Quillaja saponaria) and from soapwort (Saponaria officinalis). 


Easy Way – The gentle activation of cell renewal

When the skin tends towards enlarged pores, if it is prone to acne, showing early wrinkles or has a dull complexion, then an exfoliation is just the thing that is needed.