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FUCOREVERSE PF – An anti-aging glyconutrient for sensitive skin

Designed for anti-aging skin care products and particularly suitable for sensitive skins, Fucoreverse PF is composed of fucoses which play a major role in the skin physiology as they are a constituent of the cellular receptors.


HEALTHYSKIN – visibly young and healthy skin

The marine ingredient Healthyskin offers a global approach to restoring the three health-promoting, epidermal and physiological mechanisms for a visibly younger and healthier appearance.


FUCOWHITE™ – marine skin whitening

The unique active ingredient Fucowhite is a purified fucoidan phloroglucinol complex obtained by leaching the brown alga Ascophyllum nodosum. The composition of powerful polyphenol antioxidants makes Fucowhite an effective whitening agent.


BEURROLIVE – Cosmos certified Olive Oil Butter

The intensive care of the olive oil supports the skin's natural functions. The skin will be optimally nourished and moisturized.

BEURROLIVE combines the trendy image of olive with new formulation opportunities.


KENDI OIL – Remarkable ‘dry oil’ rich in Omega-3 (certified organic to ecocert standards)

Aleurites moluccana oil differs from other vegetable oils because it is very rich in fatty acids (45 % of total lipids), especially linolenic acid (40 %) and has a high content of oil-soluble vitamin γ-tocopherol (800ppm) and sterols.


Unipherol u-14 NP – antioxidant for cosmetics based on natural ingredients

Unipherol U-14 is an excellent stabilizer for unsaturated oils, fats, and other lipids. Also suitable for other oil soluble oxygen sensitive basic ingredients, active substances and perfumes used in cosmetic products.



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