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Vegetan® Evolve – naturally tanned

While awareness of the dangers of ultraviolet light exposure during sunbathing has increased dramatically, people still long to have naturally tanned skin. Accordingly, there is a strong trend towards the use of self-tanning products that will provide the desired tan without...


Neelikon – versatile cosmetic pigments

Pigments add the finishing and refining touches to all kinds of cosmetics products. Decorative cosmetics, especially, make intensive use of cosmetic pigments. But in body care products, too, they can be used to create a beautiful reflective shimmer on the skin, to adjust a...


Darkenyl – activates hair pigmentation

Enter Darkenyl™, an active ingredient that won the Formulation Award at in-cosmetics Asia, and has been developed to counteract the biological greying of hair.


Ritual Essenz™ TCM – botanical extracts rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Ritual Essenz™ TCM collection leverages the knowledge of modern, qualified TCM doctors who have developed exclusive extracts for skin care applications. These extracts have been crafted following the fundamental Five Elements rule of TCM.


Isopentyldiol (IPD) – a multifunctional raw material

Isopentyldiol is a completely water-soluble, colourless, odourless and moisturizing raw material. In chemical terms, it is a branched C-5-dialcohol (3-methyl-1,3-butanediol). Isopentyldiol immediately moisturizes and leaves behind a silky soft, silicone-like touch.


FUCOREVERSE PF – An anti-aging glyconutrient for sensitive skin

Designed for anti-aging skin care products and particularly suitable for sensitive skins, Fucoreverse PF is composed of fucoses which play a major role in the skin physiology as they are a constituent of the cellular receptors.



Press Release: IMPAG Anniversary

Entry in commercial register

On February 15, 19198, the company was entered in the commercial register! Some...

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Beautycare 2018

Our new Beautycare 2018 is now available and reports on the latest mask trends....

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Clixperience wins an award at Cosmetics 360

Clixperience gewinnt Award

Innovendo Lifestyle Technology AG, a member of the IMPAG Group, was very...

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Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20% may also be used as biocide


New in the list of active substances of ECHA

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Development of innovative projects

Interview in the French magazine "Industrie Cosmétiques".

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New sales office in Paris

Offices in Paris

A new IMPAG location in the French capital! 

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