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Improving the feeling of disinfectants on the skin

Disinfectants have become our constant companions in recent months and form the basis for all hygiene concepts.

Due to the urgency, the skin feel of many formulations has taken a back seat, so that hand disinfectants in particular often appear sticky, have an unpleasant odour and dry out the skin in the long run. Frequent disinfection of the hands has negative effects on the skin's protective barrier. Nourishing ingredients are needed that moisturise the skin and form the right basis for disinfectants - with an improved skin feel!

We are pleased to introduce you to various active and functional raw materials that are ideally suited for use in disinfectants.

  • SALCARE® SC 81 UP – Thickener for gel formulations
  • HYDAGEN® AQUAPORIN – Booster for skin's own water channels
  • CHLORHEXIDIN – A high-quality antiseptic for a wide range of indications