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Konjac biopolymer

Konjac root has been used in Japan as a natural medicine for around 1500 years. With its concentrated power, this Asian plant is veritably predestined for use in producing effective skin care products. 

We are happy to present two raw materials obtained from konjac root: 


The new, natural alternative to synthetic polymers that is easy to use and offers pleasing sensory properties for extraordinary textures    

HYDAGEN®CLEAN is a high quality biopolymer obtained from the tuber of the konjac plant native to Southwest China. This COSMOS approved, cold-processable rheology modifier is a natural alternative to synthetic polymers. HYDAGEN®CLEAN can be worked into aqueous systems like gels, fluids, and serums, as well as into more novel types of products like patches, jelly cosmetics, and peel-off formulations. Its film-forming and gelation properties can be used to produce extraordinary textures. Given its high microbial purity and rapid dissolution in both hot and cold water, HYDAGEN®CLEAN is excellent not only for its high quality but also for its ease of use.

HYDAGEN®CLEAN is suitable for microbiome-friendly products, and has an immediate cooling action when used in eye patches. Thanks to its versatility, the biopolymer can be used in face and body care as well as in styling products that please the senses. 

Performance Profile:

  • Innovative Textures
  • Hot & Cold Processable
  • High Microbial Purity
  • Natural Thickener (COSMOS)
  • Readily Biodegradable (OECD 301B)

Ultra Filling Spheres™

Fill wrinkles with immediate effect by combining two biopolymers 

Ultra Filling Spheres™ fill out wrinkles and fine lines with immediate effect. The way they work is that the networked and dried spheres penetrate into the upper layers of the dermis, where they capture moisture that would otherwise be lost from the deeper dermis. Ultra Filling Spheres™ consists of two biopolymers: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and the polysaccharide konjac glucomannan, both of which have outstanding moisture-binding properties. These two components are combined to create microcapsules that are converted in a drying process into Ultra Filling Spheres™. Thanks to their pronounced hygroscopic properties, the volume of the spheres increases six-fold upon contact with water (in vitro studies). This gives Ultra Filling Spheres™ the properties of a perfect anti-aging active: by storing the moisture otherwise lost by the skin, the spheres swell up and fill out the skin from within.

Wrinkles and fine lines on the skin’s surface are thus visibly smoothed, as was shown in an efficacy study with 27 female volunteers (45–65 years). A stick with or without 2% UFS was applied around the eye (half face versus placebo). After one and five hours, the skin roughness under the eyes and the crow’s feet were measured (by AEVA, VISIA, clinical and self-assessment). An improvement over T0 was noticed after one hour and, after five hours, the wrinkles under the eyes and the crow’s feet were significantly reduced compared to the placebo.

In another study, 33 female volunteers applied a 2% UFS lipstick only once. After 1 hour, a filling effect was detected on the lips, which became even more noticeable after 2 hours.

Konjac biopolymer - the power of the Japanese root