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Metaupon™ KMT 30 MB – more than just a surfactant

Metaupon™ KMT 30 MB is an anionic co-surfactant intended for reinforcing and stabilizing foam, and produces a dense, rich foam for mild rinse-off formulations with pH 3–11. 

Compared to other alternative surfactants, Metaupon™ KMT 30 MB already produces a stable and dense foam at low concentration (3%) and particularly in hard water. The mild co-surfactant also presents a better initial foam than SLES and behaves similarly to betaine in terms of foam retention. 

In addition to its foam-reinforcing properties, Metaupon™ KMT 30 MB imparts a pleasant feel to the skin and improves the overall sensorial experience. 

The competitive Metaupon™ KMT 30 MB is used in sulfate-free shampoo formulations as well as body and face cleansers, in foam or gel form, and is ideal for Clean Beauty concepts.

This surfactant reinforces and stabilizes the foam in your cosmetic products