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MICROMULSE™ LB: A new way to produce liquid micellar oils

MICROMULSE™ LB is a liquid mixture of a polyglyceryl ester and a selection of saponins for producing clear liquid micellar oils.

Unlike micellar waters, a micellar oil contains a certain amount of oil inside the micelle, which allows milder and more effective skin cleansing and additionally turns the formulation into a milk upon contact with water.

MICROMULSE™ LB is compatible with most oils, including plant and essential oils.

Easy to rinse off, moisturizing, transparent, cost-effective... micellar oils made with MICROMULSE™ LB have many advantages over conventional cleansing products!

We remain at your disposal for more information about MICROMULSE™ LB: Contact us!

A new way to produce liquid micellar oils