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MicroPowders – Product innovations for 2020

Observation of the cosmetics market shows that modern consumers are showing an increasing preference for formulations containing few ingredients, which they expect to be sustainable, plastic-free, biodegradable, and overall as “green” as possible. 

In response to this demand, Micro Powders has developed new raw materials suitable for producing all kinds of care products that fulfil these consumer wishes. 

Fine powder

Product nameINCIColourProperties
Biosoft 915PolyhydroxybutyrateWhiteBioferment from plant-origin sugar; luxurious structure; matting effects; outstanding binding properties
Ecosoft 627SPolylactic acidWhiteBioferment from corn starch; soft-focus effect; fills out lines; plant-origin alternative to silica and PMMA
Microsilk 422Synthetic Wax, Zinc Oxide & Boron NitrideWhiteExcellent binding properties due to irregular particle size; biodegradable alternative to boron nitride, Nylon-12, PMMA, and PTFE

Natural scrub particle

Right in line with the trend towards sustainability, Micro Powders also presents an entirely natural scrub particle, whose natural coloration produces subtle visual effects in the formulation. 

Product nameINCIColourProperties
Naturebead Yellow C20Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) WaxYellowSpherical particles for gentle scrubbing; 100% sustainable origin; colour-stable in the formulation
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