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Personal Care


My product for my skin

Every person is unique, every skin is different, and the expectations for a care product are highly individual. 

In addition to the demand for sustainability and ethical corporate practices, the cosmetics industry is being increasingly shaped by a desire for personalized care products. Many consumers wish for a product that is perfectly attuned to the needs of their skin. 

These needs differ depending on age, likings and lifestyle, and accordingly preferences for cosmetic products also differ. However, personalized care also has to be able to respond to temporary needs: on one day in the city, it should protect the skin from pollution; on another day, it has to soothe irritations in reddened skin.

The personalized cosmetics concept of our partner BASF allows the tailored composition of individual care products. BASF has already developed four base formulas based on age, texture, and naturalness, which correspond to the needs of four different consumer groups. In addition to these base formulations, BASF presents eight different boosters that can be added by the consumers themselves. The concept thus allows the ultimate personalization of any day or night care routine.

Contact us and let us inspire you. We will be very happy to provide you with the entire concept upon request.


Personalised concepts are getting more important.