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PORE REDUCTYL NT – for a refined and immaculate complexion

Enlarged pores are an ever-recurring problem for mixed and oily skin types, and cause the complexion to look dull and less radiant. 

Sebum, sweat and dead cells are released through the pores. If the pores become blocked, they become visible and unappealing. Parameters such as excessive sebum production, stress, smoking, and environmental pollution induce deformation and expansion of the skin pores.

The active ingredient PORE REDUCTYL NT is extracted from the conifer mushroom Fomes officinalis and purified. Fomes officinalis grows on the trunk of the Patagonian Cypress and is also known as “Agarikon”, a medicinal mushroom.

PORE REDUCTYL NT is naturally rich in agaric acid, and has an immediate astringent effect on the skin surface with a pore-shrinking and cleansing action. PORE REDUCTYL NT is special in that it counteracts excessive sebum secretion and smoothes and tightens the skin without drying it out, rather it even moisturizes the skin. It has a matting effect on the skin. The results of an in-vivo trial on volunteers with oily skin in the forehead area show that PORE REDUCTYL NT reduces the size and number of pores already within 15 minutes after application, and shrinks the pore area. Photographic analysis also reveals shrinking of the pores by up to 60%. The immediate and long-term moisturizing effects of the Fomes officinalis extract were further confirmed in an ex-vivo study.

PORE REDUCTYL NT allows you to:

  • remove excess sebum;
  • shrink pores;
  • smooth the skin structure.

The COSMOS-compliant active ingredient PORE REDUCTYL NT is suitable for formulating face care products for oily skin and mixed skin including face cleansers, face tonics, and matting skin care products. PORE REDUCTYL NT is used to care for oily skin, scalp, and hygiene products for skin with (and without) a tendency towards acne.

For a refined and immaculate complexion