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Raw materials and active ingredients from upcycling processes: For the Personal Care Industry

Sustainability is not a trend – it is here to stay. We are seeing growing ecological awareness worldwide, and consumers are looking for natural formulations that allow them to treat nature with respect.

Upcycling is dedicated to exactly this intention, by converting seemingly useless by-products through upcycling processes into substances that are as good as new ones. Making full use of all components in a process reduces the demand for newly sourced raw materials, thus the exploitation of supposed waste products plays an important part in increasing sustainability.

Our extracts, active ingredients and functional raw materials open up a multitude of possibilities in development, allowing you to do the skin and the environment a favour.

Be inspired by the diverse selection:

  • Natural scrub particles & valuable fruit oils 
  • Sustainable actives from the argan programme 
  • Anti-aging with the help of vetiver root 
  • Active ingredients from leftovers of rambutan fruit 
  • By-products from wheat harvest & starch production

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information about our upcycling ingredients.

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Seemingly useless by-products through upcycling processes are turned into substances that are as good as new ones