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Raw materials line for hemp and CBD based skin care products

The hemp plant, originally from Central Asia, is one of the oldest cultivated plants of all. Its global economic importance was once enormous: its flowers, leaves, fibres, and seeds have been used in the textile and shipbuilding industries (rope and sailcloth) and as a source of food and medicine.

Thanks to its content of valuable α-linoleic acid, hemp oil has long been known for its anti-inflammatory, regenerative and cell-renewing properties in skin care, and has been used for treating skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and for the care of dry and mature skin.

Our partner Lessonia presents a new line of products containing hemp oil and CBD as raw materials obtained from Cannabis sativa


CBD – nurtures, regulates sebum, reduces skin impurities

Cannabidiol, CBD, belongs to the class of cannabinoids. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not affect the central nervous system and therefore does not cause any kind of a “high”. CBD from Lessonia is extracted from the stems of the cannabis plant using the CO₂ extraction method and is isolated to obtain a 99% CBD composition without THC content.

The product CBD Purified is a powder of > 99% CBD purity. The product CBD Oil contains a CBD extract in liquid form, in a base of hemp seed oil. Both variants are worked into the oil phase, reduce skin reddening and impurities, and have a nurturing, sebum-regulating effect.

Product nameDescriptionPotential claimsNaturalnessPart of plantDose (recommended)
CBD PURIFIEDCBD cosmetic grade isolate > 99%
  • Soothing
  • Regulating sebum
  • Reducing skin imperfection
100% naturalfrom stemsfrom 0.01%
to 0.1%
CBD OILA natural CBD isolate in base of hemp seed oil 1% of CBD
  • Soothing
  • Regulating sebum
  • Reducing skin imperfection
100% naturalfrom seeds and stemsfrom 1%
to 10%
Product name|Description|Potential claims|Naturalness|Part of plant|Dose (recommended)
CBD PURIFIED|CBD cosmetic grade isolate > 99%|• Soothing
• Regulating sebum
• Reducing skin imperfection|100% natural|from stems|from 0.01%
to 0.1%
CBD OIL|A natural CBD
isolate in base
of hemp seed oil
1% of CBD|• Soothing
• Regulating sebum
• Reducing skin imperfection|100% natural|from seeds and stems|from 1%
to 10%

Hemp – soothes and calms irritated skin

Product nameDescriptionPotential claimsNaturalnessPart of plant
HEMP WATERFloral water obtained by steam distillation
  • Relaxing irritated skin
ISO 16128
99.4% natural
99.4% organic
from stems
HEMP OILA cold pressed seed oil
  • Moisturizing
  • Nourishing
  • Calming
ISO 16128
100% natural
100% organic
from seeds
HEMP EXFOLIATORA natural exfoliating ingredient
  • Exfoliating
100% naturalfrom stems
HEMP BROWN EXFOLIATORA brown exfoliating ingredient with high visual impact
  • Exfoliating
100% natural originfrom stems
Product name|Description|Potential claims|Naturalness|Part of plant
HEMP WATER|Floral water obtained by steam distillation|• Relaxing irritated skin|ISO 16128
99.4% natural
99.4% organic|from stems
HEMP OIL|A cold pressed seed oil|• Moisturizing
• Nourishing
• Calming|ISO 16128
100% natural
100% organic|from seeds
HEMP EXFOLIATOR|A natural exfoliating ingredient|• Exfoliating|100% natural|from stems
HEMP BROWN EXFOLIATOR|A brown exfoliating ingredient with high visual impact|• Exfoliating|100% natural origin|from stems

Hemp Water is a floral water (hydrolate) obtained using the same method as for essential oils, namely steam distillation. The stems are infused with steam and, when the steam condenses, the resulting liquid contains the active substance that was dissolved in that steam. The concentration of Hemp Water is 100%, meaning that 1 kg of hemp is processed into 1 kg of hemp water. This hemp water from France makes a suitable water substitute in cosmetic products for creating a soothing effect on skin.

Hemp Oil is a cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the hemp plant, grown in France. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as omega 3 (20%) and omega 6 (50%) and contains various antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols. Hemp oil nourishes, moisturizes, and is known to reduce sebum and erythema.

Hemp Exfoliator and Hemp Brown Exfoliator are peeling raw materials obtained from the stems of the hemp plant. In addition to removing dead skin flakes, these peeling raw materials also contribute to the visual appearance of the product.