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SACRED PATCH®: A hug for the skin

SACRED PATCH® is based on MicroPatch® technology. In the three-dimensional molecular network of polysaccharides is sacran, another polysaccharide from a species of blue algae. Sacran has five times the water binding capacity of hyaluronic acid and is capable of releasing the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin in skin.

The connection between positive feelings and SACRED PATCH® has been confirmed in vivo. 87 Asian women (30–50 years) with sensitive skin applied a cream with or without 2% SACRED PATCH® half-side over a period of two weeks. Immediately after the first application, the volunteers were asked to express their emotions while applying the product by correlating them with non-verbal images.

With SACRED PATCH®, most expressed notions relating to tenderness, happiness, joy, and desire. After 8 hours, the volunteers stated that their skin felt more hydrated and less sensitive. 

An acylate-free variant will be available soon!

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SACRED PATCH®: A hug for the skin