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Skin care concepts: The skin as a mirror of the soul

The fast-paced, constantly changing world poses major challenges in our daily lives, and often puts our body and mind under strenuous loads. Aside from daily stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and other external influences can lead to a commonly occurring, yet rarely discussed skin problem. We are talking about skin fatigue. 

The interplay between skin and psyche is highly complex, and a recognized phenomenon in psychodermatology is that the skin is a mirror to the soul. Accordingly, mentally stressful times do not go by without leaving their mark on our skin. 

Skin fatigue is mainly a result of long-term stress. This could be lifestyle-induced stress – such as lack of sleep or exercise, smoking, and unhealthy eating – but various environmental aggressors like pollution and UV radiation can also cause skin fatigue. In fact, not uncommonly, skin fatigue arises from a combination of these factors. 

In a condition of permanent stress, the adrenal glands secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn influences the blood flow in the entire body and can damage the collagen in the skin. This accelerates the aging process while reducing the skin regeneration process, and the result is skin fatigue.

IMPAG presents skin care concepts for anti-skin fatigue

If the skin lacks nutrients and vitamins – such as vitamins A, B1, B2, and C – this increases water loss from the skin and reduces collagen formation. Caffeine and vitamins can absorb directly into the skin, where they can unfold their invigorating power and positive action.

Parents are often under stress: constantly caring for kinds demands a lot of attention, which ultimately amounts to stress and thus affects the skin. Easy-to-apply concepts can help to regenerate tired skin and to reactivate metabolism. Wellness-related products additionally pamper the senses.

During sleep, not only does the body regenerate itself; the skin also recovers from the stresses and strains of the day. Raw materials that support the cells’ natural detox function combat the signs of skin fatigue.

Water loss triggered by alcohol consumption affects the skin: after losing valuable moisture, fine lines manifest visibly. Moisturizing boosters effectively protect the skin against dehydration.

Lack of sleep and stress go together with dark circles around the eyes and dull skin. We can recommend active ingredients that combat these signs and improve the appearance of the skin.

In order to reduce the signs of skin fatigue, it is recommended to maintain a suitable care routine, get plenty of exercise and fresh air, eat healthily, and get ample sleep. After all, did you know that the legendary beauty sleep is real. As we sleep, a hormone is secreted that ensures the skin regenerates overnight. 

By observing these tips, the skin will be able to endure even stressful times with ease.

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