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Yoghurtene Balance – balance for the skin microbiome

The microbiome of the skin is the totality of microorganisms living on the skin surface. Together with the skin barrier, the skin microbiome forms an invisible shield against external attack factors, influencing the health of our skin and protecting against premature skin aging.

Studies show that the composition of the skin microbiome continually changes throughout life. Accordingly, certain microorganisms become less numerous in the microbiome of old skin compared to that of young skin, or can even disappear entirely. This could furthermore explain why older skin suffers more from dehydration. 

YOGURTENE® BALANCE is a combination of spray-dried yoghurt extract and inulin, a plant-origin fructose polysaccharide obtained from chicory. Inulin has a prebiotic action and supports skin-friendly bacteria. YOGURTENE® BALANCE contains the main components of yoghurt and combines its beneficial properties such as skin tightening with the prebiotic activity of inulin. Thanks to this unique composition, YOGURTENE® BALANCE is able to steer the microbiota of the skin back to the typical composition of a young skin microbiome.  

YOGURTENE® BALANCE has an inhibitory effect on the pathogenic species S. aureus and E. coli on the skin while it promotes the proliferation of skin-friendly bacteria. In a clinical trial, improvements in the skin microbiome and skin moisture were already observed after a single application of a soap containing 1% YOGURTENE® BALANCE. 
YOGURTENE® BALANCE is China compliant and COSMOS certified. 

balance for the skin microbiome