My product for my skin

Personalized care products are taking over the cosmetics market


Revivyl™ – Holistic skin regeneration that respects the microbiome

How can anti-aging aspects and the promotion of a healthy skin microbiome be integrated cosmetically? 


MicroPowders – Product innovations for 2020

Observation of the cosmetics market shows that modern consumers are showing an increasing preference for formulations containing few ingredients, which they expect to be…


Neodermyl™ – «needle-free» collagen and elastin filler

NEODERMYL™ helps, by supplying the dormant fibroblasts with energy in the form of MG6P (methyl-glucoside-6-phosphate). 


AQUALGAE – a biological algal water

The AQUALGAE line of algal extracts from Lessonia is obtained in a gentle evaporation and condensation process from fresh algae.


Yoghurtene Balance – balance for the skin microbiome

YOGURTENE® BALANCE contains the main components of yoghurt and combines its beneficial properties such as skin tightening with the prebiotic activity of inulin. Thanks to this…


Clearthix S – a versatile, transparent thickener

With decent pH, heat and electrolyte stability, the thickener requires no neutralisation and is easily dispersed in water. 


Raw materials line for hemp and CBD based skin care products

Thanks to its content of valuable α-linoleic acid, hemp oil has long been known for its anti-inflammatory, regenerative and cell-renewing properties in skin care, and has been used…


Wellness and skin comfort for healthy skin in winter

In the cold winter months, our skin is particularly stressed: The constant changes between the dry heating air and the low outside temperatures with cold wind stress the skin, dry…


PORE REDUCTYL NT – for a refined and immaculate complexion

Enlarged pores are an ever-recurring problem for mixed and oily skin types, and cause the complexion to look dull and less radiant. 


Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20% Solution (excipient)

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20% is a high-quality antiseptic for a wide range of indications. It can be used as a preservative in cosmetics at a maximum concentration of 0.3%.


MLB – a unique W/O emulsifier

MLB – which stands for Moisture Lifting Base – is the name of our W/O emulsifier system by Sunjin, Korea.