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Solution-oriented, sustainable and innovative! With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply you with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and advise you on how to use them.

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Personal and Home Care

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Below you will find a list of topics for which we are pleased to offer you active ingredients. The detailed descriptions of these raw materials are only available on the website in German (Link).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information!

Hair Care


  • Anti-Photoaging
  • Anti-Pollution


  • Active Ingredients for Anti-Dandruff Products

Influencing Hair Growth

  • Anti-Hair Loss
  • Inhibition of hair growth
  • Stimulation of hair growth


  • Active Ingredients for Conditioning Products
  • Conditioning: Guar Derivates


  • Energisation / Revitalisation

Colour Protection

  • Active Ingredients for Colour Protection Products

Odour Reduction

  • Active Ingredients for Odour Reduction Products

Hair Structure

  • Active Ingredients for Hair Structure Products

Hair Regeneration

  • Active Ingredients for Hair Regeneration Products

Scalp Soothing

  • Active Ingredients for Scalp Soothing  Products

Luxury Care

  • Active Ingredients for Luxury Care Products

Sebum-Regulating Active Ingredients

  • Active Ingredients for Hair Care Products
  • Active Ingredients forHair Cair and Skin Care Products

Instant Effect

  • Sebum Absorption
  • Cooling Active Ingredients

Carrier Systems

  • Carrier systems for Hair Care