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Solution-oriented, sustainable and innovative! With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply you with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and advise you on how to use them.

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This range of raw materials features advanced encapsulation technology for skin care

Lipo Series

Advanced encapsulation technology for skin care: Flyer about the three products Liporetinol, Lipovit et Lipoadvance.


Alternatives to microplastics for Leave-on products

The origin of plastic waste in nature is very diverse and cannot primarily be traced back to cosmetics. Nevertheless, they are still very much under…


Two raw materials for disinfectants

Two raw materials are available which are perfectly suited for the formulation of disinfectants!

Scrub meets Shampoo

Scrub meets Shampoo

While face and body peeling products have been available on the cosmetics shelves in a wide variety of variations for many years, peeling products…

Silicone-free CC-Cream

Silicone-free CC-Cream – Sustainable and innovative for a beautiful skin

In line with the worldwide growing ecological awareness and the sustainability trend, we present a silicone-free CC-Cream.

Actives suitable for CC Creams | 2020

Actives suitable for the multi-talented CC-Cream

Matching the silicone free CC-Cream we present you efficient actives which are suitable for the development of a CC-Cream.

Environmentally friendly and innovative solutions thanks to Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA

Environmentally friendly and innovative solutions thanks to Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA

This BASF Flash is available in German or French.

Healthy skin in winter is important

Wellness and skin comfort for healthy skin in the winter season

This flyer is available in German and French.

Moisture Lifting Base

MLB – Unique W/O Emulsifier

MLB - MLB stands for Moisture Lifting Base and is the name of our W/O emulsifier system from Sunjin in Korea. The flyer is avaiable in German and…

Ingredients with cooling effect

Koko ML: Cooling active ingredients

The KOKO ML product line consists of two sensory active ingredients that create a feeling of freshness on the skin surface. The flyer is avaiable in…

Natural thickener

Hydagen® 558P: Natural thickener

This BASF Flash is available in German or French.


Sunsil-Oleo: Functionality and naturalness in one raw material

This Flyer is only available in German.


beautycare 2019: Beauty Footprint

Global trends clearly show that sustainable and respectful use of nature and available resources is gaining in importance. This also applies to the…

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    A new beauty trend dominates 2019
    Ein globales Thema mit vielen Gesichtern
    A multi-layered challenge
    Interview with Alberto Thiebaut, founder of "Ethiplayer" and General Manager of Cobiosa
    ISO 16128 standard
Protect your formulation

Protect your formulation

BASF offers a broad choice of products and technologies stabilising formulations and protect from photolytic and/or photoxidative degradation.

Booster for care products

Booster: The beauty elixir with instant effect

In line with the demand for products with a quick and instant effect, we present combinations of active ingredients that are suitable for the…

kin protection from Bluelight

Skin protection from Bluelight

This flyer is available in German or French.

Suncreen Sumulators

The new generation of the Sunscreen Simulator is here!

This Flyer is available in German or French.


Marine ingredients

With many years of experience in the development of cosmetic ingredients and also in algae extracts, our supplier LESSONIA..more in our flyer.