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Delve into our technical and marketing reports on the latest products and applications for raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry.



Chlorhexidine salts: Use in pharmaceutical products

Chlorhexidine is approved for use as a biocide according to the ECHA active substance list.


BlueCALM™ – Extract for promoting relaxation

Blue skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora L.) is a perennial herb native to North America that has long been used traditionally to relieve anxiety and improve mood. Recent studies…


Lavandula angustifolia Mill. – Reduces stress and supports sleep

The beneficial effects of lavender were already known in ancient times, and the delicately fragrant, lilac-coloured medicinal plant from the Mediterranean region is still used…


Lipid excipients from Stéarinerie Dubois for oral dosage forms

The variety of esters specifically available in the Stéarinerie Dubois range for standard and innovative formulations offer a wide range of possibilities.


Squalane PE – high-quality ingredient for advanced skincare products

Squalane is a highly pure, saturated hydrocarbon that provides a pleasant skin feeling as an excellent emollient and supports skin regeneration.


Jost Chemical – Pharma Pure, Mineral salts with low Endotoxin

Mineral salts with low Endotoxin levels, conform to USP/EP and BP


galenIQ™ – natural and multicompendial excipient

galenIQ™ – a better choice, natural and multicompendial excipient


Bismuth Derivatives – anti-inflammation treatments

Make use of the well-established and documented properties of Bismuth derivatives for anti-inflammation treatments since ancient times – GMP quality, DMF and ASMF available.


Cognitive Health – boosting the health of the brain

Consumers’ awareness about their mental wellbeing, in particular cognitive health, is growing and, with it, so is the demand for solutions for improving cognitive function.…


Salicylic acid – a widely known active ingredient

The active ingredient salicylic acid has been known for a long time and occurs naturally as a derivative in a wide variety of plants, but can also be produced synthetically.


Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) – A Pure and micronized product with a high bioavailability

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) belongs to a group of fatty acid amides and occurs naturally in the human body, in animals and plants. 


Microencapsulated nutritional fat

Our partner is an innovative nutritional powder manufacturer with many years of experience in wide range of nutritional fat powder ingredients.