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Botanical extracts for Personal Care, Nutraceuticals and Pharma applications

Plant extracts contain active components, which can contribute to the risk reduction of different health issues. Phytomedicines or herbal medicine are globally considered as being an early method for health promotion and treatment of different diseases. Botanical extracts are widely used in a variety of galenic formulations such as creams, liquids and capsules or tablets.
According to a WHO report published in 2018, there has been a constant, and at times, exponential growth in global interest in the use of herbal medicines over the past three decades. Correct identification of source plant species and the selection of appropriate parts for use in herbal medicines are basic and essential steps for ensuring safety, quality and efficacy of herbal medicines. The safety and efficacy of herbal medicines largely depends on their quality.

IMPAG has access to a broad range of botanical extracts and exotic products through different manufacturers worldwide. We can offer you high quality herbal extracts with standardized active components and high stability, according to Ph. Eur, USP. 

IMPAG can help you to source botanical extracts suitable for your applications – based on your requirements. 

Plant extracts for pharmaceutical applications and more