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galenIQ™ (isomalt) makes medicine taste better!

galenIQ™ (Isomalt) improves taste and mouthfeel in probiotic and pediatric medicine.

Improve the palatability of solid and liquid medicine with BENEO's galenIQ™  - the sweet filler-binder that helps the medicine to be swallowed more easily. galenIQ™  is the pharmaceutical grade of Isomalt and it is available in different grades, fitting a wide range of applications, from mini-tablets, lozenges, chewable tablets, sachets to effervescent and syrup.

galenIQ™ (Isomalt), water activity and probiotics stability

Water activity is one of the factors, which may affect the stability of probiotics. Isomalt (galenIQ™ 721), is non-hygroscopic and it does not release a significant water quantity through desorption. Therefore galenIQ™ is a suitable excipient in a well-designed carrier system for probiotic supplement formulations.

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galenIQ in different product forms

The galenIQ range includes agglomerated grades 720 and 721, which are excellent filler-binders for direct compression and powder mixture applications/sachets. The 800 series is suitable for wet granulation. In addition, the 900 series is also highly suitable for capsule fillings, dry suspensions, sugar-free coatings and high-boiled lozenges.

galenIQis manufactured under cGMP conditions according to IPEC-PQG requirements for pharmaceutical excipients and complies with the current Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF and JP monographs for Isomalt.

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