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Microencapsulated nutritional fat

Our partner is an innovative nutritional powder manufacturer with many years of experience in wide range of nutritional fat powder ingredients.

The micro-encapsulation technology protects active ingredients from oxidation and ensures product quality with longer shelf life. All products provide an excellent dispersibility in cold and hot water, high flowability and stability. 

Some examples of essential and specialty fatty acids are listed below: 

high Oleic sunflower oil powder, mix oil powder with different concentration of Omega-3, Omega-6, mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids, Coconut oil powder, Avocado oil powder, DHA algae oil powder and etc. 


  • dietary supplements
  • ketogenic diet
  • weight management
  • sports nutrition
  • functional food
  • nutritional products
  • etc.

If you are looking for an essential fatty acid or MCT Oil powder, DHA algae oil powder or other lipid nutrition, please contact IMPAG to introduce you the right product form for your application. 

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Microencapsulated nutritional fat