New at IMPAG – pharmaceutical grade squalane

Squalane is a well-known product in the Cosmetic industry for protecting the skin against moisture loss and preventing oxidation of the skin’s natural oils. It creates a pleasant…


galenIQ™ (isomalt) makes medicine taste better!

  • galenIQ™ improves taste and mouthfeel in probiotic and pediatric medicine.
  • galenIQ™, water activity and probiotics stability.
  • galenIQ in different product forms


Isopropyl myristate (IPM) in pharmaceutical quality

Isopropyl myristate (IPM), an ester of myristic acid, is used as an oil component in pharmaceutical products. This emulsifier has moisturizing properties.


Isopropyl palmitate (IPP) in in Pharma quality

Isopropyl palmitate (IPP), a clear colourless liquid, is chemically an ester of isopropanol and palmitic acid. IPP is a Emulsifier, solvent, humectant and penetration enhancer.


Are you looking for triclosan in pharmaceutical and API quality?

Triclosan still enjoys widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry as a preservative and as an active antimicrobial ingredient.


Glycerin produced under GMP conditions by our partner KLK

Glycerin is used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry


Did you know that sugar is available in pharma quality?

Pharma-grade Sugar 
PharmSugar® is a trademark of Cristalco for dry and liquid formulations, using in nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and the manufacturing of medicines, parenteral…


Cetyl Palmitate – In various concentrations

Cetyl palmitate is a moisturizing stabilizer that supports and improves the formation of emulsions. 


Versatile stearin

Stearin is a mixture of fatty acids that mainly contains stearic acid and palmitic acid (PhEur).


Chlorhexidine salts for pharmaceutical products

IMPAG ist the distributor of RN Laboratories and their Chlorhexidine salts. Chlorhexidine Gluconate20% is new in the list of active substances of ECHA. 


Neelikon – colors and pigments produced under GMP conditions

We are very pleased to inform you, that you can buy these Neelikon colors exclusively at IMPAG.


Plant extract Tablets with a good taste

The pharmaceutical Isomalt galenIQ works well for the formulation of plant extract tablets for a number of reasons.