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Industrial Chemicals

Base chemicals for all industries: Industrial chemistry, treatment plants, water chemistry (incl. swimming pools), incineration plants, mineral raw materials and the detergent and cleaning product industry.

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Learn more about new innovations, technologies and application-specific product details, and read specialized articles about products and services in the industrial chemicals industry. 



Urea-based solutions for reducing nitrogen oxides

The reduction of nitrogen oxides in the presence of urea has two meanings: reducing the amount of harmful nitrogenous compounds and, in chemical terms, the action of urea as…


Heavy metal precipitation

In many industrial branches and applications, the use of heavy metals is indispensable. 


Calcium chloride

It is used as a de-icing agent on roads, where calcium chloride is the most effective agent at very low temperatures.


Sölker Marble – A mineral from the primordial ocean

Sölker marble, unlike conventional marble, has a very high primary hardness.


Chlorates in Swimming Pool Water – an undesirable by-product

With targeted measures, the unavoidable formation of chlorates can be kept as low as possible.


Wastewater treatment

A success story that improves our lives.


Water chemistry

From drinking water to personal hygiene and from industry to wastewater treatment.


Calcium hypochlorite from IMPAG - Pure quality direct from Japan

Clean water – It is simply a good feeling to swim in perfectly hygienic water.


Sodium sulphate (Na2SO4)

The LENZING™ sodium sulphate produced by Lenzing AG meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and is approved in the EU as a food additive under the number E 514 without…


Use of activated carbon in swimming pools

Activated carbons are used in many ways in the swimming pool industry.


Mineral raw materials and fillers

We are happy to present our current portfolio of mineral raw materials!


Surface tension - challenge and opportunity at the same time

Trichloroethylene has been used to clean metal parts coated with oil-based lubricants for about 90 years.