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Base chemicals for all industries: Industrial chemistry, treatment plants, water chemistry (incl. swimming pools), incineration plants, mineral raw materials and the detergent and cleaning product industry.

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Learn more about new innovations, technologies and application-specific product details, and read specialized articles about products and services in the industrial chemicals industry. 


Urea-based solutions for reducing nitrogen oxides

The reduction of nitrogen oxides in the presence of urea has two meanings: reducing the amount of harmful nitrogenous compounds and, in chemical terms, the action of urea as…


Chlorates in Swimming Pool Water – an undesirable by-product

An increased concentration of chlorates in swimming pool water is known to be harmful to health. With targeted measures, the unavoidable formation of chlorates can be kept as low…


Wastewater treatment

A success story that improves our lives.

Read more about the functionality of wastewater treatment plants in our chemworld issue 2019.


Water chemistry

From drinking water to personal hygiene and from industry to wastewater treatment.


Calcium hypochlorite from IMPAG - Pure quality direct from Japan

Clean water – It is simply a good feeling to swim in perfectly hygienic water!

Information about calcium Hypochlorite


TMT 15® for heavy metal precipitation

Heavy metals are indispensable for many production processes, yet their use leaves behind waste water that contains heavy metal. To minimize environmental pollution, national…


Effective rim cleaner without acids or bases

Sodium thioglycolate is an ideal product for producing rim cleaners and brake dust removers.


Ammonia from Borealis

The products of PEC-Rhin are exclusively distributed by the fertilizer subsidiary of the Borealis Group, Borealis L.A.T.


Mineral raw materials and fillers

We are happy to present our current portfolio of mineral raw materials!


Use of activated carbon in swimming pools

Granular activated carbon (typically coconut shell activated charcoal, being highly wear resistant) serves to remove harmful chloramines and AOX from swimming pool water.…


Sodium sulphate (Na2SO4)

The LENZING™ sodium sulphate produced by Lenzing AG meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and is approved in the EU as a food additive under the number E 514…


Fire- and chemical-resistant cements and mortars

In making cement and mortar, one ingredient added alongside the raw materials limestone (CaCO3) and sand (SiO2) is clay (various minerals such as kaolinite, serpentine,…



IMPAG Group expands business with the acquisition of INNOVAFOOD

Innovafood becomes part of IMPAG Group

We are now present on the Spanish market with the acquisition of INNOVAFOOD.

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Webinar swimming pools

A successful webinar in the swimming pool area for our customers took place.

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Sodium hypochlorite solution: Now also approved for "drinking water disinfection"

Our raw materials are approved for drinking water disinfection.

Extended FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health) approval for sodium hypochlorite…

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New neutralisation and reduction installation

Water protection

According to the current state of the art!

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SwissBad postponed until 2021


SwissBad unfortunately had to be postponed until 2021.

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The new chemworld 2020 is now available!

All about protection & sustainability

Our new chemworld 2020 is themed all around Protection & Sustainability.

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IMPAG is one of the LEADING EMPLOYERS Switzerland 2020!

IMPAG obtains top ranking as a Leading Employer

This means we are officially among the TOP 1% of Swiss employers.

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Chemical raw materials in a variety of containers!

Container filling

New, modern, semi-automatic filling line for various Package sizes

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Apprenticeship at IMPAG

Das Team der IMPAG Gruppe

We offer a sound, practical and varied basic training.

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Take a look at our new logistics centre!

IMPAG Warehouse

In the new video you get exciting insights.

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ARA – an overview


Numerous plant managers have relied on our reliable, flexible service for years.

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Chlorates in Swimming Pool Water: not desirable

Chlorates in Pool Water

Article in the Swiss VHF-GSK-Bulletin; Article 01/2020

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Titanium dioxide: INEOS Pigments is new IMPAG Partner

Titanium dioxide from INEOS Pigments at IMPAG

Distribution of Titanium dioxide in Switerland and Liechtenstein 

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