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Formaldehyde is one of the most important organic basic substances in the chemical industry and serves as a base material for many other chemical compounds.

Formaldehyde is the trivial name for the chemical compound methanal, the simplest aldehyde. The IUPAC name methanal is derived from methane by adding the suffix for aldehydes. The trivial name formaldehyde is derived from "formica", the Latin word for ant, because methanal can be converted into formic acid (methanoic acid) by oxidation.

Thanks to our well-established relationships with one of the most important producers, we are well positioned and can offer our customers formaldehyde

  • in bulk in rail tankers or
  • from stock in various containers.

Use among other things

  • in the plastics industry for the production of phenolic, urea and melamine resins
  • in the chemical industry as a base raw material for various syntheses