Use of activated carbon in swimming pools

Granular activated carbon (typically coconut shell activated charcoal, being highly wear resistant) serves to remove harmful chloramines and AOX from swimming pool water. Activated…


Mineral raw materials and fillers

We are happy to present our current portfolio of mineral raw materials!


Fire- and chemical-resistant cements and mortars

In making cement and mortar, one ingredient added alongside the raw materials limestone (CaCO3) and sand (SiO2) is clay (various minerals such as kaolinite, serpentine,…


KRONOFLOC – For removing hydrogen sulphide from sewers

KRONOFLOC (iron-II chloride solution) is a ready-to-use liquid precipitating agent ideal for eliminating hydrogen sulphide, for example, from inlet channels of communal sewage…


New Odour-Absorbing Systems Based on Zinc Ricionoleate

Unpleasant odors nowadays form everywhere around: At work, at home or during technical processes. Zinc ricinoleate is used as odor absorbing compound in a lot of products in the…


Glytech™ – High-purity, efficient glycolic acid for many technical applications

GlytechTM is an efficient, safe and eco-friendly glycolic acid suitable for technical applications. In addition to the carboxyl group, GlytechTM has a primary hydroxyl group and…


Triacetin (glyceryl triacetate) – 100 years of high-quality and purity

In technical applications triacetin is applied as a highly effective plasticizer for coatings and adhesives, as an additive for special hardeners or also for the production of…


Zirconium silicates (zircon sands) – Fireproof applications

As a new and immediately available addition to our range, we are proud to announce the zirconium silicates.