Our magazine for the chemical industry

chemworld 2020

The IMPAG customer magazine with current articles themed around Protection & Sustainability.

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Table of contents:

  • Spherical corrosion protection
    Permanent and environmentally friendly
  • The lifecycle of open-cast mining with HOFFMANN MINERAL
  • Polyurethanes
    From versatile building blocks to energy savers
  • Urea-based solutions for reducing nitrogen oxides
  • Cardboard
    The material of the future
  • Our new logistics centre in the heart of Switzerland
    The green alternatives to chlorinated paraffins
  • myIMPAG
    Web Product Database
Our magazine for the chemical industry

chemworld 2019

The IMPAG customer magazine with current articles about paper production, wastewater treatment, foam control and more interesting topics.

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Table of contents:

  • Paper production
    From fibre to everyday product
  • Biocides
    We all know the word, but what else do we really know?
  • Foam control in aqueous media
  • Wastewater treatment
    A success story that improves our lives
  • The challenges of digitalisation in freight transport
  • Silicates
    Mineral excipients for a wide variety of applications
  • IMPAG news

Water care products

Flyer is only available in German.

our magazine for the chemical industry

chemworld 2018

The IMPAG customer magazine with current articles. We think that the article about water chemistry will be especially of interest to our customers…

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Table of contents: 

  • 3D Printing
    Introduction, application and technology
  • Water Chemistry
    From drinking water to personal hygiene, and from industry to wastewater treatment
  • Polyvinyl butyral – PVB
    A resin for demanding applications
  • Product News
    Edenol DOZ
    Pyrovex SG for fireworks
    Hoffmann Mineral – New line of business: contract manufacturing
    Pigment pastes from Centre Colours
    HMGT – New supply partner for PU catalysts


  • IMPAG Update
    Sourcing as service
    IMPAG Switzerland is investing in a new logistics centre
    IMPAG goes social
Chemworld 2016

chemworld 2016

  • Best bathing water quality for our guests: Interview with Reto Schwengeler, Head of Infrastructure and Safety; Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

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  • Clean Air with AdBlue 
  • Ethyl-3-Ethoxy-Propionate – EEP: a high performance solvent showing excellent solvency
  • Acetoacetoxy Ethyl Methacrylate – AAEM: methacrylic monomer
  • KRONOS 4045 Slurry: Ready-to-use titanium dioxide in aqueous Suspension
  • NEUKAPOL PN 9520: VOC-free polyol based on sustainable raw materials with superb hydrophobicity
  • HOFFMANN MINERAL: Functional fillers
  • Neuburg siliceous earth for corrosion protection: Functional filler in epoxy resin coatings

Surface Technology

Flyer is only available in German and French.

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