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Antioxidants for the lubricants industry

Rianlon, based in China, is a globally operating producer of antioxidants, light stabilizers, and UV absorbers. Our partner has five production sites and manufactures each of its products in at least two factories to ensure availability. Its portfolio includes all popular variants for coatings, elastomers, plastics, and adhesives. 

Below is a selection of antioxidants suitable for the lubricants industry:

Rianox 1076

CAS: 2082-79-3
Melting range: 50-55 °C

Rianox 168

CAS: 31570-04-4
Melting range: ca. 183-187 °C

Rianox 330

CAS: 1709-70-2
Melting range: 240-245 °C

Rianox 1520

CAS: 110553-27-0
Melting range: ca. 14 °C

Rianox 1010

CAS: 6683-19-8
Melting range: 110-125 °C

Rianox 5057

CAS: 68411-46-1 
Melting range: –

Rianox 1135

CAS: 125643-61-0 / 144429-84-5 
Melting range: –

Antioxidants from Rianlon